Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birds Make Nests

I'm "nesting", and honestly it's quite ridiculous that I'm nesting before I'm even halfway through this pregnancy! All I can think about is going to Lowe's and buying up everything in the store to turn this 100+ year old house into a home. Granted, Trey and I have plans to try to move within the near future. That was before I got pregnant with #2 so there is no telling how that will work out in the end. Our goal is Florida (though, truthfully, I'd rather move to Colorado -- I'm a mountain girl, but hubby is a beach guy), but that goal is looking to be out of reach for the near future.

So I'm sitting here and looking through Better Homes & Gardens, and all I can think is: "I need this, that, those -- give me something like that..." -- our house is a wreck. It's a cluttered mess, dirty, old, the foundation is terrible on it, but it has a lot of memories in it. Good memories. It belonged to my grandparents, whom we currently rent it from. Still, as much as I love the memories here I'm beginning to despise the house.

I just need something...a splash of color, something other than the bare white walls or the dull yellow walls in the bedrooms and bathroom. I need to either fix it up to feel like a place I want to live in, or box up a ton of stuff and tell Trey it's time to get ready for a move. I'd like the latter, actually. At least then I could start over and get things straight.

I just need to make sure wherever I move to has a dishwasher...

Friday, June 22, 2012


Oh hell, I'm at it again. Greetings fellow bloggers! My name is Brooke and I'll be the Captain of this failing ship. I could go on and on about who I am, why I started this blog, etc. but the thing is...I don't feel like doing that. Simply put, this is a place to express my thoughts, talk about my day, chat about what ridiculous stuff my family has done, and even give little tidbits of my writing if I feel up for it.

So if you want to join me on this journey through the murky recesses of my brain, feel free! I'll get up another, better post later when I find the time. Until then, it's off to go put my toddler to bed.